Dive Myanmar

  • Dive Myanmar

    Do you have any idea how Myanmar became one of the most tourist destination in the world and where Myanmar were being located and developed, then we will help you to get information about Myanmar. Myanmar was smaller compared to Texas. It is known historically as Burma with a mixture of Indo –Aryansin in 700 BC and Mongolia under Kublai Khan in 13tyh century. Myanmar country was being governed by the military regime in which Anawrahta (1044-1077) was a first great unifier.

    Just like the other country they have their own traditional costumes, beliefs and cultures wherein holy men were focusing on sacred than any rock stars and golden Buddha’s. There are different beaches but the most popular is the Ngapali beach and Ngwe Saung. The place in the entire village in Kalaw was surrounded by a big pine trees. There is several historical backgrounds in Myanmar, different tragedies, experiences and moment people in Myanmar have been experiencing for so many years. But despite of what happened Myanmar would still be united to have them freedom and peace.

    Almost people who are living in Myanmar were 89% of them were Theravada Buddhist and the remaining are Hindu, Muslim, Christian and animist. They showed their respect through handshaking as their formal greetings to others. The residence was very conservative wherein shorts and mini-skirts were prohibited particularly to the girls. Even homosexualities were banned. They are bind by their religion and tradition.

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    Myanmar have various sightseeing which include Bagan, Buddhist festivals, Buddhist retreats, catch a show, escape the crowds, kyaiktivo, lost cities, Mandalay, naga-yone and national parks. As you visit Myanmar you would probably coming back in this place. There are lots of wonderful places in the whole Myanmar. You would certainly appreciate and impressive the wonderful places in Myanmar. Some people would suggest that vaccination is needed especially when you are coming from infected area. There is no specific dress in visiting Myanmar but for you to felt comfortable you can won light casual dress preferable made of cotton pairing with a sandals or slippers. To those who are very conscious in their skin because of the presence of insects, it is enough to bring mosquito repellent on your own.


  • Best Time to Visit

    Anytime you can visit to Myanmar but it is much better to come during October and February because of the good weather during this following months. Since Myanmar has a climate with three main seasons, you choose what month you would prefer. From May to October is a rainy season and October to February would be dry and cooler weather.

  • Getting There and Around

    The best way to go in Myanmar is to fly. Hence Mandalay has already a brand new state of international airport but yet only few international fly there. The common international airport landed at Yangon’s Mingaladon airport. It is usually involved a transit from Bangkok, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur.
    There are the following airlines which are available to flight in going from Myanmar: Thai Airways, Bangkok airways, Malaysia air system and silk air. Remember Visa would highly be needed before entering in Myanmar. Basic tourist Visa will be accepted for only 4 weeks or 28 days in staying Myanmar. If you don’t have visa you can get Visa coming from the Embassy in Bangkok that may cost 800 baht (US $20).

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